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Lali Lewicki [userpic]
No exit, where to run?
by Lali Lewicki (lali_lewicki)
at November 8th, 2006 (08:28 pm)
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Title: These Walls Won't Hold
Author: WinchesterHaunt
Rating: T (Gen)
Characters: Sam, Dean, Jo
Summary: Missing Scene “No Exit”: Sam heads upstairs alone to begin his wallsearch for the missing girls. But what happens when his emotions over the passed few months finally catch up with him?
Spoilers: 206 "No Exit"

These Walls Won't Hold 

My opinion: This goes in the same direction the show is going. Both in the sense of what Sam can become and what Jo can possibly be to Dean. And while I don't like (AT ALL) those possibilities, I love how WhinchesterHaunt deals with them. She follows what Sam said about himself and the others like him in "Simon Said", and there's a feeling of inevitability by the end of the fic that surely gave me a "sinking feeling". She's a good and promising author, and getting better at it every fic she writes.

I apologize for not updating for two whole days and I'm sorry to say that it's probably going to get worse by the end of the year. I'm trying to get into a college. In nicer news, this comm has now 2 other members besides me!

As always, I hope that you've been enjoying my recs.