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Lali Lewicki [userpic]
Don't Ask, Don't Tell
by Lali Lewicki (lali_lewicki)
at December 2nd, 2006 (10:07 pm)

Title: Don't Ask, Don't Tell
AuthorBEKi of Dorvan
Characters: Sam, Dean and John
Warnings:  Slight spoilery. Preseries 
Summary:  If we got in a wreck, and Sammy and I were both unconscious, and the Impala caught on fire so you only had time to save one of us, who would you save?

Don't Ask, Don't Tell

My opinion: Has someone you loved ever asked you one of those "If someone and I were dying, who would you save?" kind of questions? What happens when Dean is the one doing the asking? A chick flick moment with a flashback. Sam is lovely all the way through, always older than he should have been. Dean is less hardened, reminding John he is just a kid. And I very much think this is what John would say and do. Excellent writing and some awesome insights at the Winchesters. Go and check it out!

Hey... So I might be able to update once in a while but I'm not home, I'm traveling... I found this awesome fic just today and had to post.

Enjoy it!