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Lali Lewicki [userpic]
A really late X-mas and an early new year
by Lali Lewicki (lali_lewicki)
at December 30th, 2006 (12:56 am)


And late Happy X-mas and early Happy New Year. I can never do anything on time.

Now, I do realize I have been a lame moderator/administrator/poster/web-designer to this comm, it's not even that I don't want to post, I'm on vacation now. Up until February, 2 when I'll find out if I got into college or if I'll be studying for another year. So that's almost a month of vacation 'cause around January 20 I have a test for my back-up college.

That seemed confusing. Starting again. I haven't posted because I haven't found an AMAZING fanfic these days. I mean I found some good, some bad and some horrible (those are out there... I used to write them!) but there wasn't a fanfic that made me cry or one that made me laugh really hard. Something to touch the heart, you know? (I'm getting a little cheesy here)

I'll be looking for new fanfics, as I always do, checking the supernatural page on ff.net everyday and the new stuff on the sn_fic comm and when I find that fic, I'll post it here.

If you know of a good Supernatural fanfics website that I should check out or this fic that I should take a look, send me an e-mail at lali_lewicki@oi.com.br .

Happy 2007 for you, that it may bring new and awesome episodes of Supernatural, great fanfics and just for a change some world peace.